By investing in the Winston Center, you ensure a better future for adolescents. Join the Winston Family Foundation in supporting ground-breaking research that informs the best ways for teens to engage with technology and social media, while mitigating the negative impacts on relationships, behavior, and well-being.

The Winston National Center on Technology Use, Brain and Psychological Development in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences is a national leader in conducting scientific research on the long-term effects of technology and social media use on the adolescent brain and how it impacts relationships, behavior, and well-being.

Jim Winston was the driving force behind the Winston Family Initiative on adolescent brain development and technology at UNC. Increasing national attention on the effects of digital technology on children and adolescents motivated Winston to conceive of the Winston National Center on Technology Use, Brain, and Psychological Science at UNC. He was instrumental in securing the funding in 2022 to jump start the scientific research center.

“Carolina researchers are leading the way in studying the impact of technology on young people. Gifts from the Winston Family Foundation and others will fuel more of the scientific discovery we need to fully understand these issues.” Jim White, Dean, UNC College of Arts & Sciences