Parents have so many questions about how to best manage and monitor technology use. Because technology doesn’t impact kids in the same way, there are no “one size fits all” solutions. Experts at the Winston Center seek to identify which children might thrive and which might be at risk in the face of digital technology.

Tips for Parents

  • Establish boundaries to balance online and offline activities
  • Monitor social media use (restrictive and active monitoring)
  • Set limits to prevent screen time from interfering with sleep
  • Model responsible social media use
  • Talk to children about potential dangers of social media
Photo of family putting together a puzzle
Photo of child looking at phone and crying

Teach Your Teens

  • Question the accuracy of what you see on social media
  • Understand how social media spreads misinformation
  • Understand how to solve conflicts online
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others online
  • Be careful about what information you share online
  • Report cyberbullying or online abuse

Is Social Media Addictive?

  • Do you spend more time on social media than you intend to?
  • Have you tried to take a break from social media, but couldn’t do it?
  • Do you have cravings to use social media?
  • Does social media ever get in the way of sleep or homework?
Photo of teenager on phone

Resources for Parents

Recommendations From The American Psychological Association

See Health advisory on social media use in adolescence (May 9, 2023)

Recommendations from the U.S. Surgeon General

See Advisory on Social Media and Youth Mental Health (May 2023)

NY Times

How parents can actually help teens navigate social media (May 15, 2023)