Curriculum for Middle Schoolers

Module #1

The Adolescent Brain — Why Is It Different?

The emotional rollercoaster of adolescence is a time of tremendous development and opportunity. This module guides students through the biological brain changes they are experiencing and empowers them to take control of their technology use through reflective strategies and an experiential technology abstinence challenge.

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Module #2

What Is the Science Behind Why Adolescents Are Motivated to Use Technology?

The temptation to check emails text messages and social media can be persistent. Why do we have this nagging feeling? Answers to this question are revealed through an exploration of reward sensitivity of the adolescent brain and an analysis of how technology use reinforces reward-seeking in adolescents.

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Module #3

Making Connections

The way adolescents connect has changed dramatically since the digital revolution. Ease of access and immediacy of information has increased the ways in which we communicate. Discover the science of why adolescents are drawn to social media and explore strategies to create healthy technology interactions.

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Module #4

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

How are adolescents harmed or helped by social media use? Discover what motivates adolescents to engage in a medium that impacts their social and emotional well-being.

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Module #5

Sleep and Technology

Sleep is needed for a body and brain to rest. Fifty-eight percent of middle schoolers report that they do not get enough sleep. The constant barrage of screen time for school work entertainment and social media are consuming adolescents’ wake time. Explore the biological importance of sleep and the consequences of sleep disruption due to technology use.

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Module #6

How Adolescents Learn From Digital Media

Seventy-eight percent of teens feel it’s important to follow current events and 54 percent of the same teens get their news from social media. Discover how teens get information from social and digital media and learn how to evaluate credible news sources.

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